Transits of Venus

How long until the Transit on 2012 June 6?



I observed the 2004 June 8 transit from Sharm el Sheikh in Sinai, Egypt. Images will be posted shortly.

Link to Fred Espenak's page

Transits from other Planets

A transit of the Earth and Moon as seen from Mars occured on 1984 May 11th. Using Redshift 4 I have reconstructed that event as a RealVideo animation:
Transit of Earth.

In 1970 Arthur C. Clarke wrote a short story entitled 'Transit of Earth', inspired by an article published in the Journal of the British Astronomical Association in 1962 (Vol 72, No.6), written by Jean Meeus. Here is an extract read by Arthur C. Clarke: Transit of Earth.


Nick Quinn, 2004 June 29