2004 Images

2004 RZ164

The rapid motion of this minor planet is very evident in these two 30 second integrations. At this time this 'Near Earth' object was 0.0204 AU from Earth, and crossing the sky with an apparent angular velocity of 40 arcminutes per hour (the apparent diameter of the Moon is about 30 arcminutes). Here is a video (in Real format) made up of 40, 5 second integrations, taken on 2004 December 6 between 22.42 hrs and 22.47 hrs.


3637 O'Meara

In honour of Stephen James O'Meara's visit to the UK, I took some CCD images of his asteroid. The two images in this animated GIF were acquired on 2004 September 20 at 22.10 and 22.32 hrs.

Comet 2001 Q4 NEAT

Comet 2001 Q4 has been a very impressive sight in the evening sky. These images were taken through a Celestron C11 fitted with Starizona's Hyperstar lens to give an effective focal length of 500mm at f/1.8!

A stack of 6 x 1 minute exposures was used to produce the image shown below which measures 60 x 45 arcminutes. The comet's position was RA: 09 14 26, Dec: +36 57 44.

Deep Sky

M27 as imaged by the Celestron NexStar 11 and MX916 using the LRGB technique.


An image of a nice prominence. Image capture using a video camera followed by processing with Registax and Adobe Photoshop.

Nick Quinn, 2005 January 13