Eclipse Anular del Sol: 2005 October 3

A report of the annular eclipse as seen from close to the small town of Barajas de Melo in Castilla-La Mancha

Site Location (WGS 84)
Longitude: 2 deg. 53 min. 31.9 sec. West
Latitude: 40 deg. 07 min. 43.9 sec. North
Altitude: 700 metres

Predicted Contact times (mean limb)
1st Contact: 07:40:35
2nd Contact: 08:56:43
Mid-eclipse: 08:58:49
3rd Contact: 09:00:55
4th Contact: 10:24:57
Annularity: 4 minutes 12 seconds


Our group consisted of Nick and Andrea Turner, Jan Young, Linda Croft and Nick Quinn.

We stayed at the Molino Donace, but as the grounds were completely covered in walnut and fig trees, our observations were made from the lane leading to the house. The owner of the mill, Jordi Claramonte, had very kindly gone to a lot of trouble to provide an electricity supply out into the lane to provide power for some of our equipment. Nightime observing also had to be done from the lane, and again we were able to take advantage of the mains power supply.

Weather conditions were ideal every day of the seven days that we were in Spain: sunny and hot by day, clear and cool by night. Observations and imaging were carried out in both 'white light' and that of hydrogen-alpha, using a variety of small telescopes, CCD/digital cameras and binoculars.

The combination of an early arrival date (3 days before the eclipse), staying at the observation site, and having the good weather meant that our equipment could be unpacked, set up and checked out at leisure - very different to the usual rush of most eclipse expeditions!

The leaves of the trees were particularly effective at producing 'crescent suns' during the partial phases of the eclipse. As the sun came out of eclipse, the hillside to the south of us began to be warmed up and several buzzards took advantage of the thermals, soaring high into the sky.

Although the Sun in 'white light' was spotless, in hydrogen-alpha it was quite active with a large prominence at the 2nd contact position in the north-west, and an arc of activity in the south-east at the 3rd contact position.

Eclipse gallery by observer:
Nick and Andrea Turner
Jan Young
Linda Croft and Nick Quinn

Looking north-west across the observing site
Mid-eclipse in Hydrogen alpha

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Copyright Nick Quinn, 2005