Annular Solar Eclipse: 1994 May 10

Observation Site Middle Atlas El Kebab Local watching the strangers
2nd contact
Site Location
Longitude: 5 deg. 30min. West
Latitude: 32 deg. 50min. North
Altitude: 1000 metres

Near the town of El Kebab in the Middle Atlas mountains of Morocco.

Contact times (UT)
1st Contact: 17:39
2nd Contact: 18:53
Mid-eclipse: 18:55
3rd Contact: 18:57
4th Contact: after sunset
Annularity: 4 minutes 50 seconds

Unfiltered photographs taken on Kodak slide film through Sirius 500mm f8.8 catadioptric lens.

Mid-eclipse Shortly after 3rd Contact

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Copyright Nick Quinn, 2003